Cheering on the Texas Heat

Six months ago, my kids were playing in the snow.  Kinda rare for Texas-but it happened.  My how things have changed.

Today is the 41st CONSECUTIVE day of 100 degree weather.  Think about that for a minute…over a month with it getting to be over 100 every day.  The last time the Heat was this bad in Dallas was during the NBA Playoffs.

The weird thing is -at this point, I’m actually rooting for another day or two of hot weather.  I mean, as long as we have been miserable this long, we might as well get an award for it – right?  Now they are saying there is a chance of rain Friday night, which would probably break the streak.   Here is the question… do you take the rain or still cheer for the record?  Am I crazy to still be kind of wanting to break the record?  Not really sure why it would be a sense of pride, since I didn’t actually have anything to do with it – other than the numerous aerosol cans I have sprayed into the environment during my life.  I guess it is just kind of a badge of honor.

So which are you rooting for – the record or the rain?    Take the TEXAS HEAT SURVEY


  1. Donetta

    Oh my goodness!! This makes me laugh because I SO feel the same way!! I’m just a three hour drive north of you and we’re in the same boat. We are on track to break a record that was set in 1980 of 50 days over 100 degrees. At this point I’m thinking we HAVE to break that record or we’ve suffered for nothing! lol! Nobody will look back on this year (like we are 1980 right now) and think, “Wow! How they must have suffered!” haha! We actually have had some rain and cooler temps the last couple of days though and I have to admit it’s been a REALLY nice break from 113!!

    • Larry

      Oh well… our streak was broken on Thursday, so no record for Dallas! I think we are still in the running for most total days of 100+ weather. So maybe we will get “lucky” with that one!

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