Changing Focus

It was a strange week in Dallas last week.  Our kids actually missed most of the week due to SNOW.  Yes – snow in Texas.  Now this was all great and fun – til the weekend started approaching.  I was scheduled to leave Friday for South Carolina to judge their print competition and speak to a group of photographers.   Unfortunately, on Friday we got even more snow and most of the flights out of Dallas were canceled.

Obviously, this led to several phone calls and plan adjustments.  When all the dust settled, I was scheduled to fly out the next morning and suddenly had the whole day on my hands.

Now here is the funny thing about snow days… if you are an adult – especially one who has to be somewhere, snow days are a big inconvenience.  If you are a kid, however – you LIVE for extra days away from school.   My kids were excited about playing out in the snow and since I now had a free day I decided to go with them.

snow photography

It was great watching them run around and try to sled in our makeshift snow gear.  What started out as a terrible day, ended up being a lot of fun.  As much as I missed being in South Carolina in time for the start of the convention, I was thrilled to get some images that I never would have had otherwise.   Its all about focusing on the positive.

snow portraits

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