Are You Ready To Smile??

$$$ SMILE! $$$

How do you put a price on a kid’s smile?  How about $240???


In April, we will once again be participating in Celebration of Smiles – an event organized by PPA Charities.  Those of you who participated last year will certainly remember it.  If you missed it, you need to mark your calendars for April 26 right now!

THE CAUSE Before After Child Portrait

The event benefits an organization called Operation Smile.  Started in 1982, this organization is dedicated to treating children who are suffering with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.  In 1996, they were the first recipient of the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize in recognition of their contributions to alleviate human suffering.  Last year, medical volunteers provided free surgeries for 9,221 children – both international and local.  I think this is truly amazing.

As a professional photographer, I make my living off smiles – so this charity was clearly something I wanted to get involved with.  My wife found out about the program at a photography convention last year and we have been big fans ever since.


It costs $240 for Operation Smile to repair one child’s smile, so the Professional Photographers of America came up with Celebration of Smiles as a way to raise awareness and raise money for the cause.

boy portrait

On April 26th at The Westwood School, I will be offering special mini-sessions in exchange for a $24 donation to Operation Smile.  You will also get a free 5×7 print and a digital file for Facebook.  For every 10 portraits I create, one smile will be saved.  Everybody wins!

My goal this year is to raise enough money for 20 smiles.  It is quite a lofty goal, but I think it is worth the effort.  Granted, that is a LOT of portraits for me to take in one day- but I’m going to shoot til I drop!


I’ve setup a page on DonationTo where you can make a donation to the cause.  After you donate your $24, just show up on the 26th and smile for your portrait.  If you have kids who attend Westwood (grades 5 and up), I will even arrange to photograph them during school hours.

Don’t like having your picture taken?  Sign up your child.

Don’t have kids?  Just donate online and smile at your desk.  You don’t have to attend the portrait sessions to help out.  Every $24 donation gets us one step closer to a smile.

If you are the over-achiever type, you can even gather up some friends, family or even co-workers to make a donation for the entire $240 and fix a smile all by yourself.  How cool would that be?


You can certainly just show up on the 26th and we will happily photograph you.  However, you can now donate online at :


Celebration of Smiles Graphic


    • Larry

      Great question Roy. Nope- it isn’t just for Facebook. It is basically a low-res/web version of the shot that you can use for whatever online purpose you choose!


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