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Game On!

Facing The Music We got some great responses to the Face The Music competition, with over 65 nominations.  The plan was to take the seven people with the most nominations, but with the exception of one person – everyone got only ONE nomination – so we had a 65-way tie for second place.  I decided to just draw names to round out the remaining 6 spots.  The person who RT’d the message the most number of times was @vMystyque, so she got a spot.  I then added 8 Twitter profiles that I found cool and that gave us the final 16. Thanks so much to EVERYONE who entered.  It was really tough narrowing down the field, but I just couldn’t handle more than 16 contestants! The Game Is On! Now is the part where YOU start doing the work!  I’ve paired up the contestants into 8 matches.  Choose your favorite and vote for them below.  The person with the most votes will win their match and move on to the next round.  Easy enough, huh?  Round One   Time To Vote! Cast your vote below for your favorite profile pic.  Please note- you will have to scroll down to see
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Help Me Reach MY Goal

As many of you know, I am part of a team that started a new blog last week.  We are competing in a very cool blogging competition (read more here) and need your help. We are trying to get the word out about our new blog and could use your help!  We are even willing to offer a little incentive… Tell Me More! We have put together a contest that only runs this week.  I’m donating one of my signed prints as a prize, so I hope you will stop by and check it out. Promotion  
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Free iTunes Gift Card

The Summer of Free Stuff continues with another fun event.  This time, we are giving away a $15 iTunes Gift Card!  Download that App you’ve been wanting or the latest Glee album – whatever floats your boat. Entering couldn’t be simpler.  Oh sure, I could just automatically put everyone in the world’s name into a hat and draw one out.  That would be easier for YOU, but kind of time consuming for ME.  This is kind of a compromise. All you have to do is: Follow @larryphoto on Twitter. Simply tweet “Just entered to win an iTunes Card.  Just follow @larryphoto and retweet. ” Now be honest… that’s pretty darn simple, huh? But what if you are one of those over-achieving types?  Maybe you like having a slight edge over the competition.  Hmmm… ok. If you fall into this category, just leave a comment below telling me that you have done Step 1 and Step 2 from above and simply ask for another entry.  You don’t even have to say “please” or use flowery words – but it sure would make things more fun for the other readers.  By leaving this comment, you will be granted an EXTRA entry
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