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Think You Know Ana Hoffman?

Ten Questions:  Ana Hoffman This week, I’m continuing my “Ten Questions” series with internet traffic diva Ana Hoffman.  Ana’s Traffic Generation Cafe is an incredible website with lots of great content.  She was kind enough to answer my ten questions – so enjoy the post! 1. What made you choose traffic generation as a theme for your site?  Is it something you struggled with yourself? Yes, I started Traffic Generation Cafe out of necessity.  I needed to learn how to drive traffic to my then primary business site and had a hard time finding simple actionable information to help me with it. 2.  You went from modeling to blogging.  Which one is tougher? Modeling is by far one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life. Even though it’s always nice to see your face on the cover of a magazine, there are many rejections that line the way. Blogging is not easy, but my success is entirely under my control. If I fail along the way, there’s no one else to blame. 3.  You’ve obviously been photographed many times.  Which image best shows “the real Ana” ??? Out of all the question, this is the one that
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Ten Questions: Gail Nogle

It is time for the second installment of the “Ten Questions” series.  This time, I decided to focus on my friend and mentor, Gail Nogle.  Of the many masterful photographers who have guided me through my career, Gail is at the top of the list. So without further introduction, here are Gail’s Ten Questions: 1.  If someone had never heard of you and you had to show them ONE of your images to illustrate your style, which image would you show them?  A – I would show the image of my Mother/Baby –  because I feel it is my most creative work so far and took me 4 years to perfect. 2.  When you weight the pros and cons, has digital been a good thing or a bad thing overall for photography?   A – Overall it has dimished the legacy of the art of photography. 3.  If you couldn’t be a photographer, what would you be?   A – I would be a sailor and travel the high seas looking for adventure!! 4.  You always say, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”  When did you come up with that philosophy? A – When I realized that
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Ten Questions: Dave Malby

I’m starting a new series on the blog called Ten Questions.  The plan is to spotlight interesting people who I have discovered on Twitter, Facebook, or even blogs.  I’ll send them 10 questions and post the answers.   It should be interesting! To lead things off, I sent my questions to Dave Malby.  I came across Dave when I first got into Twitter.  I was amazed that he had such a large following, but still managed to interact with everyone.  Read on and see what you think… Ten Questions:  Dave Malby 1.  Your Google profile lists your occupation as:  Inventor/Musician/Photographer .  Are those in any particular order? No, I am also a Real Estate investor and entreprenuer but they allow only so much space on the bio 2.   You invented the Pet Rock Training Leash – do you still have any of them around? That was 1975 .. No. 3.   I discovered you by way of Twitter.  Seems you have quite a following?  What’s the secret? Being unique, engage with people and follow back who follow you. 4.  I miss your old Twitter profile pic – with you pointing at the camera.  Any plans to revive that one at some point?
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