Can I Survive The Blog?

If you have followed my blog for any time at all, you know that I am a big fan of pushing your limits and going outside your comfort zone.  To paraphrase Andre Gide, “You can’t discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.”  As I stumbled through the internet today, I came across a very interesting blogging contest – kind of a blogging version of TV’s Survivor.   Now even though I’ve been blogging for a few years – I am in no way a blogging guru.  Heck, I’ve got a long ways to go with my blogging skills – which kind of makes this an ideal challenge for me.  I also thought it was a brilliant idea and since I couldn’t steal the idea- I decided to do the next best thing and be a participant.

If they will have me…


So here is the deal – the folks at are sponsoring this shindig.   To enter, you have to jump through a series of hoops including:  writing a blog post about the contest, Tweeting about it, posting it to social media and a few other things.  They will pick 10 competitors from all the entries and divide them into two teams.  The teams will build blogs from scratch and try to outperform the other team.  From there, the details get a little blurry – but that is kind of what makes it interesting.  They have even lined up a bunch of folks to sponsor the event – see the list below!  There are a bunch of great prizes, but lets be honest – it is really for bragging rights in the Blogosphere!!!


Ok – now that I have decided to enter, what makes them want to choose me as one of the ten contestants.  I could put together a huge list of reasons why, but I’m just too modest.  Therefore, I decided to narrow it down to the ten most important factors.

1.  First and foremost – CREATIVITY.  As an artist, creativity is my business.  In a contest like this, creativity will be a valuable asset.  I will strive to find loopholes in the rules, reinvent the wheel – and when all else fails – find innovative solutions to problematic challenges.

2.  WORDS- I’ve got the literary skills to put that creativity into action.  I’m a good speller, great with grammar and a decent rhymer.  Not sure if that last one will be needed, but better to put all the skillz on the table.

3.  BOYISH GOOD LOOKS – I occasionally get carded when buying alcohol.  Not sure exactly how our team will be able to use this ability, but I can’t do ALL the thinking.

4.  IMAGES – What good is a blog without good images?  As a professional photographer, I’ll be able to drum up any shots we need to tell our story online.  Have Photoshop, will travel.

5.  GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF 80s MUSIC TRIVIA – Granted, this will only come in handy if we are doing an 80s-themed blog.

6.  REALITY TV IQ – I’ve got a good working knowledge of reality television.  In fact, I have Season 5 of The Amazing Race on DVD.

7.  ALLIANCE PARTNER – I will be the perfect partner for any type of reality-show-alliance that our team might want to put together.  If I make the show and I am on your team – and you are not in an alliance with me…. then I am probably in an alliance against you.  Just sayin…

8.  NEED BODIES – There is always the chance that they won’t publicize this contest enough and they will only have 9 entries.  Since they need 10 competitors, I would become a very valuable participant.  Hey- it could happen.

9.  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH – My legions of Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends are standing by to help me spread the word about our new blog.  Does 40,000 hits a day to the new website sound like good traffic?  (disclaimer:  actual results may vary)

10.  TENACITY – Hey, I managed to do a self-portrait every week for Forty Weeks – how much tougher could this be???

So there you have it.  The chips are on the table – I’m all in !


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  1. Mitchell Allen

    Hi Larry,

    You certainly have my vote! Your entry stands out. That’s because I’m an Ostrich* with short-term memory issues. In two seconds, I’m going to read Peter Wright’s entry…

    But, while I’m here, I totally see the need for getting the drinks and the rhymes preferably in that order. The one makes the other more funny.

    Good luck getting selected.



    *See the following link:

  2. Anthony Smits

    Hey Larry,
    I know, a little late I am.

    Too many blogs, so little time. But you’ve got amazing pics. Ok, images. I’m trying to be professional. I know if I want to raise a laugh with you I’ll just have to show you a little of my Photoshop . . .
    Thank you for your company in this. It will be great.

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