Be A Part Of The 40@Forty Project


As most of you know, last year I took on the biggest project of my career with the 40@Forty Project. Over the course of 40 weeks, I created 40 self-portraits – all to commemorate my 40th birthday. It was quite an adventure.
The culmination of the project is going to be an exhibit of 25 of my favorite images from the series. They will be on display at the Courtyard Theater in Plano during July and August, then at the Goodrich Gallery in Dallas during September.
I’m also going to give this exhibit a special twist – by allowing people to sponsor or adopt their favorite week! All the profits from the print sales will go to charity- so you are getting some good Karma too! Each print will have the sponsor’s name on a card next to the piece. At the end of the exhibit, the print is yours to keep – hang it on your wall or (if for some strange reason you don’t want a picture of me in your house) you can just use the frame for something else. The cost is only $125 for a framed 11×14 – too good of a deal to pass up!
The only catch is, the weeks are first-come, first-served – so get going today and make sure you get your favorite!

Here’s all you have to do:
1. View the selected images at:   4040Previews
2. Email me with your first and second choice of images.


It going to be a lot of fun -so sign up today!

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