Are Your Goals Up To Date?

Summer is over and the fall is right around the corner.  Next thing you know, we will all be saying, “Wow-is it the holidays already?”  As the year winds to a close, we discover that most of our New Years resolutions have fallen to the wayside and we reset them for the next year.   If you set some goals this January- now is the time to evaluate your progress and plan out the remaining months.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on goal-setting – BLOG: TAKE A BOW – my plan was to map out each month’s post schedule and commit to getting in two posts every week.

Well, it went along fine for the first few months… then things started getting busy and the posts became a little more sporadic.  The good news is, my goal for next year – “Stop Procrastinating” – is still on schedule.

If your 2011 Resolutions are a distant memory, here are a few simple steps to get back on track.


Make sure you remember what your goals even were.  Write them out on a sticky note and put them on your computer.  You can’t reach the goal if you can’t even remember it.


In my case, this involved planning out the month of August and getting a consistent schedule up again.


You’ve got your plan, you’ve got the goal – now run with it.  Think of it this way… if you reach your goals this year, you won’t have to start 2012 with the same old goals!


    • Larry

      You had to follow the link to the previous post. Basically, my plan was to concentrate on the blogging and do it every Tue and Thur. Worked for a while, then I slacked off. Now I”m back to twice a week. Wish me luck!

  1. la jolla farms real estate

    Procrastination is one of the most difficult habits to break. Year after year, this has been one of the most prevalent bad habits that prevents us from achieving our goals. We do tend to have that tendency to be addicted to cramming. As you said, JUST DO IT! That’s the best advice, I think. Just do it. No excuses.

    Dennis DeSouza

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