Are You Buff Enough?

This week, I finally finished up the book I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.  It is a how-to guide on setting up a solid social media strategy.  For photographers trying to grow their business, it might be just what the doctor ordered!  If you just can’t wait to read it, click here (shameless plug).

My New Secret Weapon

One of the big things I talk about is using Buffer to schedule your updates.  Now I have to be completely honest, when I first heard about Buffer, I couldn’t understand why anyone would need to schedule out their tweets or Facebook updates.  Seemed like just another way to waste time online.  Turns out, I was wrong.

Are You A Newsfeed Flooder?

If you are anything like me, you probably do your online activity in waves.  For example, I will usually scan news stories in the morning while eating breakfast, then check in on Facebook and Twitter before I start my day.  It is easier for me to get it out of the way so I can concentrate on working through the morning.  During this time, I will generally come across several things that I would like to share.  Lets say I have five different thoughts/articles/etc that I want to share.  If I send them all out at once, it will be lost on most people.

Facebook and Twitter news feeds are constantly updating.  If someone isn’t online when you post those 5 updates, they will miss all of them.  People who ARE online will be flooded my your messages.  I can’t stand it when someone posts 5 or 6 things in a row and it fills up my newsfeed- especially on Twitter.  Those people usually get unfollowed.

Spread It Out

That is where Buffer comes in.  You install the Buffer plugin into your browser and whenever you see something of interest, you just click the Buffer button and add it to your list.  Throughout the day, Buffer will release your updates to Twitter or Facebook.  it allows you to spread your news out across the day and reach more people at the same time.  Best of all, it isn’t really any extra work!  For me, it has turned out to be a no-brainer.
Know The Numbers

If you are a number-cruncher, there is another cool feature – Analytics.  Basically, it will track your updates and let you know things like how many people retweeted or clicked the link.  It is a great way to figure out what things your audience finds interesting and what things they don’t.

Go For It!

Give it a try for a week and see what you think.  If you click on this REFERRAL LINK, you and I will both get an extra buffer spot on our dashboard!  Do us both a favor and sign up – it doesn’t cost a dime.

Let me know what you think?  Have you tried Buffer?


  1. Haven’t heard of it before, but since you’re very pleased with the results I just have to check it out. I’ve used a similar program before but I stopped using it because some complications but this could be different. I see something positive. :)

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