Announcing the 2013 Twitter Faceoff


Its That Time Again!

The time has come for the 2013 edition of the Twitter Face-Off.  Are YOU ready to face the music?

Are You Putting Your Best Face Forward?

As a photographer, I always notice people’s profile picture on Twitter.  It really tells you so much about the person.  I can’t tell you how many times I have followed someone on Twitter based entirely on a cool profile images.  This led to the Twitter Face-off,  a competition to try and figure out who has the absolute best profile image on Twitter.  Eggs need not apply!  Last time around we had some great entries, so I’m hoping this year is even better!

Face The Music

Use your face to win some music.  The winner will get a $25 iTunes gift card to download music, movies, whatever you want!  Sound fun?

cloudhq portrait

@cloudhq – the winner of the 2011 competition

The Competition

The contestants will be randomly placed in a playoff bracket and compete head to head each week.  The winner will take home the title of “Best Twitter Headshot 2013″ and $25 in iTunes cash!

How To Enter

There will be 16 competitors. I will choose 8, based on my own travels around Twitter.  The next 7 spots will be chosen by you- the readers.  If you see someone who has a cool profile pic, just leave their Twitter name in the comments below.  The 7 people with the most nominations/votes will be chosen to compete.

But what about #16?

twitter portrait

@vMistyque – 2011 Runner-up

The last spot will go to the person who tweets this message the most often:

Can your profile picture win you a $25 itunes card? #facethemusic


You must wait at least 4 hours between each tweet – but beyond that, its up to you.  One point per tweet.  The person with the most is in the competition.

There you have it!

Here’s How YOU Can Help…

You can nominate anyone you want- including yourself.  Surely you have seen a profile picture that really impressed you.

Just leave the nominee’s @name below.

The deadline for entries is Saturday, January 12th at midnight CST.

Good luck and put your best face forward! 

p.s.  You might want to follow me to keep up with the competition as it develops!


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