A Must-Read Book

Recently, I stumbled across a blog entry somewhere about this guy who supposedly traded a paperclip for a house.  It seemed crazy, so I researched it a little more.  I eventually ended up at the website and realized I HAD to have this book.

After Amazon dropped it at my doorstep, I started into it right away.  Next thing I knew, several hours had past and I was 3/4 of the way through the book.  Its one of those kinds of books.

Basically, it chronicles the quest of a guy named Kyle MacDonald in his attempt to “trade up” from a paperclip – all the way to a house.  Like most things in life, the trades themselves are not the most interesting part – but rather the people he meets along the way and how the whole incredible project unfolds.  It is a great, uplifting book and well-worth adding to your holiday reading list.

If you’d like to read if for yourself, here is the LINK to Amazon.  Enjoy!

I’ve also added it to my list of recommended reading on the website.

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