7 Secrets To Promote Your Next Blog Post

You’ve written the perfect blog post… now what?

You publish it to your blog, cross your fingers and sit back to wait for the traffic to roll in, right?  The problem is- where do you get all the traffic?  I asked some of the best in the business to give me a few of their secrets of publicizing a blog post.  Basically, after they publish a post – what do they do next to promote it?  Here is what I came up with…


According to Marian Schembari (Marian’s Blog) she will post to her Facebook profile and tweet to her Twitter followers.  However, she depends a lot on subscribers, “My readers come from their subscription. Building up those subscribers involved a lot of guest posting on other blogs and lots and lots of commenting.”

2.  PING!

Ana Hoffman has an incredible blog and did an article on blog promotion a while back (check out Ana’s blog post).  The first technique she mentions is to ping your post.  Pinging is basically notifying different services that you have posted new content.  On many blogs, this is done automatically, but Ana likes to do a manual ping as well.  She writes, “The more services know about your content, the better!  I usually use Pingomatic.com, Pingler.net, and sometimes Pingoat.net – although the last one annoys me quite a bit, so it’s not my favorite.”


Ana also recommends using IMAutomator – a free bookmarking service.  I use this one myself and it is very easy to use.


According to Trevor Current of Current Photographer, timing is everything!  “I always try to schedule new posts to go live between the hours of 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT. The reason is that seems to be the best time to catch people during the week day. The busy New York crowd is already up and at work checking email, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook.”

But he doesn’t stop there…

“To go along with the post release, I also send out tweets to the articles to help drive that morning traffic. I follow up posting the first article that went live to Facebook and then a little later with the next and so on. The Twitter stream moves so fast you can get away with multiple posts closer together but Facebook is a different story. Most Facebook users don’t follow enough friends and pages for the stream to move quickly so your posts will stay visible for a much longer time. To many Facebook posts to close together is a good way to lose fans.

I usually ReTweet the days articles 1 or 2 more times during the day, usually at 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm. These seem to be good times to reach the lunch crowds and those wrapping up their day.”


While you are promoting your new post, why not take a second to promote an older post?  After all, one day this new post will be an old post – so show it some love!
Trevor explains it like this, “I try to keep the popular “evergreen” articles alive by ReTweeting them on an ongoing basis but not to close to their original release date. We’re getting new Twitter followers all the time and there are many followers who may not have seen them the first time around. ReTweeting them brings in a whole new audience to enjoy the content.”


An oldie but a goodie.  Take a few minutes to visit a few blogs and leave a comment or two.  If they are using CommentLuv or similar plugin, your blog title will appear under your name and may catch someone’s attention.  Its also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers.   Look into adding the CommentLuv Plugin to your WP site!


Ok well technically this is #7 and #8 – so you are getting a bonus.  These are both suggestions from Ana.
She adds, “These are 2 more free bookmarking services I use. They both offer quite a few sites to choose from and they are different from each other. I made sure to create as many social profiles as I can, using TrafficGenerationCafe as my ID of course to brand my blog.”  Check them out here:    Onlywire        Ping.FM

Start using some of these powerful online tools and watch your traffic go through the roof!

Did I miss anything?  What is your best post promotion technique?  Leave a comment and let me know what works for you!



  1. BigMikeInAustin

    Just me personally, I never really get into who the guest poster is or even reading the names of commenters and then trying to follow or find their blogs.

    If I find a blog I like, I’ll follow it, and actually prefer when there isn’t a guest poster because I just signed up for the main blogger’s point of view. But I do love it when a post will link to another blogger. I do follow those links.

    I really despise when a post doesn’t contain the date at the top, or even at all. The idea of a blog is the stream of someone’s thought, and the date helps put things into place correctly. Also, I read a lot of tech and news related blogs, so when the post contains “today,” or “for the first time,” or “compared to what is known currently,” it really helps to understand what day that it.

    And my one last pet peeve is when there is a series of related posts, but no easy way to navigate from one to the next. Sometimes there is a link to the next and previous ones. If only that series is being posted at the time, it’s not so bad to go back to the stream and find the previous or next post. But when it’s a big site, say like CNN, and there are posts from everybody in the same feed, and each post in the series is weeks apart, it’s really hard to find the next or previous post.

    And now that I’ve written all this, I realize that I actually do all of these steps with twitter.

  2. BigMikeInAustin

    PS Meeting me in real life and buying me some drinks is also a good way to promote a blog. I think that’s really why I started follow Larry :)

  3. Benny Howe

    Hey Larry,

    Great post and some really good ways to get people to view your content. I would just like to also suggest editing your post to maximise your on page SEO perhaps (although you may have assmuned that you had done that since the article was already created)

    I should really look into my timing of posting cos that is something I never do.

    Thanks again! :)

  4. techtikus

    Nice tips. Usually I just automate the post to facebook and twitter. I also use a plugin which helps to ping various ping services.

    I quite like the suggestion of commenting on other blogs after releasing a new post. It would certainly bring a few more traffic to the new post. I should make it habit form now on.

  5. san diego homes

    These are some good tips. And they’re organic too! This is definitely the way to go if one wants to rank well and succeed in their campaign. Useful tips. Thanks!



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