5 Reasons Why You Would Be CRAZY Not To Sign up

Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a website advertising a blogging contest.  I decided to enter and next thing I knew- I was a contestant in the We Blog Better “Survive The Blog” contest.    If you haven’t read up on the contest, take a minute to do so… its a pretty unique idea!

I’ve made it to the Final Six -woo hoo- now I need your help.  My challenge this week is to start a mailing list and get as many people as I can to sign up.   Now if you are already on my photography mailing list, you know that I don’t send out a ton of emails.  Clients get about one a month and photographers get about 3-4 a year.  I just don’t have time to send out much more.  So if you are kind enough to help my cause, you don’t have to worry about getting bombarded with emails.  It just won’t happen – don’t worry.

In fact, signing up could be one of the best moves you have made all day.  Here are five reasons why you would be CRAZY not to sign up RIGHT NOW.

1.  It’s FREE.  They say nothing in life is free… this is the exception.  If it makes you feel better, you can pretend that I usually charge $24.99 for a one year newsletter subscription, but you can use the special VIP link below to get your first year free.  Whatever makes it seem like a bargain to you.

2.  Go Green.  Since I don’t actually print the email newsletters, they are good for the environment and help everyone to live a happy, green life.  As an added bonus, for every person who signs up, I will spend one less minute spraying aerosol cans in the back yard.

3.  Great Prizes.  Although I’m not actually offering any prizes this week, there is a very good chance I will offer some sort of prize in future weeks.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?

4.  Free Money – Possibly.  I make you this promise.  If I happen to win the lottery this week, I will give each and every subscriber $100 – sent to you via your Paypal account.  What other blogger makes such outlandish offers?  So sign up for my newsletter and prepare to quit your day job.

5.  Good Cause.  Perhaps the best reason for joining is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping such a good cause.  The cause, of course, is me trying to win the blogging contest.  It is still, technically, a cause.

Convinced?  If so, welcome aboard – CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW

Still not convinced?  Ok, please re-read #1-5, then click HERE.



  1. pebble beach golf estates

    Actually I’ve heard about that contest. But I didn’t know that you were in it, anyway good luck winning the contest, Larry! We are here to support you.

    I just subscribed to your list. 🙂

  2. Cat Alexandra

    Hey Larry,

    Looks like a great contest – I hope you win!! 🙂 Great blog, by the way. First time visiting you here…impressive!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

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