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Off The Record: Wife Scratch Fever

OTR- Nugent Style For this installment of the Off The Record Project, we are going all the way back to 1977 for the third album by guitarist/singer/songwriter Ted Nugent.  Cat Scratch Fever was a big hit for Nugent, going multi-platinum.  His crazed look helped to make the album cover very memorable. The Original The original album actually has a wrap-around cover – with the cover image continuing on the back of the album- but more on that later. The photo was a very basic setup.  Just find a guy with crazy hair and an even crazier expression.  The simple grey background helps to draw all the focus to the subject.  Pretty cut and dried- no photography tricks or elaborate lighting involved at all. The OTR Version My friend Chris Varney came up with the idea for this one very early on.  We struggled with how to handle the hair and finally settled on a wig.  It doesn’t look terribly realistic, but with this image, it almost makes it funnier.  This one is really all about the crazed expression- and Chris pulled that one off perfectly. From there, the only issue was replicating the faded, lo-tech look of the original 70s
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Off The Record: Donnadele

Getting Modern Welcome back for another addition to the Off The Record Project.  We’ve been doing a bunch of older album covers lately.  This is probably due to the fact that the 80s produced so many iconic cover images.  For this one, however, we decided to get a little more modern, with an homage to Adele’s classic “21” album cover.  Let’s take a look at how things unfolded…   The Original Adele’s “21” cover is a great one for the project because it is very recognizable and it is a wonderful, old-school portrait.  A classic black and white study, with the retro beauty of a George Hurrell photograph.  It is a pretty simple design, with dramatic light and not too many other elements.  The shadows provide plenty of wonderful passive space, which draws the viewer’s eyes right to the subject’s face.  This one is definitely a study in precision and control. Our Take My good friend- and fellow photographer- Donna GoodHale came up with this suggestion.  We were at a photography meeting in Atlanta and created this image in her hotel room the morning before the meeting.  We didn’t have much equipment at our disposal.  In fact, she is just
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