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Off The Record: Mommy Crue

The Age of Glam Metal The 80s were know for a lot of things, but “heavy metal bands with big hair” would certainly be high on the list.  For this addition to the Off The Record Project, we decided to explore the work of one of the biggest hair bands of the 80s – Motley Crue. Released in 1983, the band’s second album “Shout at the Devil” made it all the way to #17 on the Billboard charts. The album cover, however, was even MORE memorable. When someone proposed the cover for my project, I knew it was one that had to be done! The Original The original Motley Crue cover featured very dramatic portraits of the band members.  They used a lot of smoke, gelled lights and a very contrasty overall look. The biggest part, of course, was getting the models to look right.  For those of you who weren’t born in the 80s, trust me – rock bands REALLY dressed like this in the 80s.  I can’t explain why.  Just trust me on this one. The New Crue Four brave moms volunteered to take the challenge and put together their best rocker outfits.   My project partner, Julie
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Off The Record: Control

Janet’s Control For the next installment of the Off The Record project, we are staying in the 80s for another memorable album cover- Janet Jackson’s “Control”.  The album went to #1 in 1986 and sported a very memorable red cover.  It even ranked #28 in Rolling Stone Magazines “Top 100 Albums of the 80s”. We decided it would be a great addition to the project and enlisted Suyin to help us out. The Original The cover features Janet in a black outfit – complete with 80s shoulder pads.  Her hair is piled up high and swept to the side.  I loved the clean red background and the gold squiggly lines add a nice graphic element.  It was a fun cover to try and reproduce because it has such a unique style.  The only issue was finding the right model and getting the right hair. Control 2014 The model was one of my son’s classmates.  I’ve known her since she was little and thought she would make a great Janet.  She had the perfect look for this image. Once again, hair guru Julie Spero managed to get that big, 80s hair- but still make it look nice.  From there, the image
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