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Off The Record: Adude Insane

Bowie Time The time has come to release another addition to my Off The Record project.  This time, we decided to take a crack at David Bowie’s iconic “Aladdin Sane” album cover from way back in 1973.  Brian Duffy’s original creation featured a startling portrait of makeup-clad Bowie in a version of his Ziggy Stardust persona. Seemed like a good one to work on! The Plan When I first started planning this series with my project partner Julie Spero, she told me she had the perfect person for a Bowie album cover.  Jeff is a friend of hers – and a musician to boot.  This guy jumped head-first into the project by dying his hair red for a more authentic look.  Julie then worked her makeup magic to transform Jeff into Aladdin Sane.  It was quite a transformation. The Portrait Since the original portrait has a very flat, almost clinical feel to it, I decided to go with the cool, flat light of my trusty ringlight.  It definitely provided an excellent, even light that showed off the makeup and styling.  From there, it was into Photoshop to take the image to the next level.  I tweaked the colors a bit
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Off The Record: Les Adorables

The Next Album As we work our way through the Off The Record Project, I thought it was time to mix in a fairly modern album – a movie soundtrack actually.  While the Les Miserables soundtrack isn’t necessarily an “iconic” album, it is definitely a very recognizable cover.  On top of that, it is actually a pretty cool portrait. The setup was pretty easy- light the model and hit her with some air to make the hair fly around.  Turns out it took a little more air than I had thought.  By the time things were finished, we had her mom using a blow dryer from the side and my assistant using a leaf blower from the front!  Through it all, she managed to keep her eyes open and focus on the camera.  Quite the trooper!  There was hair flying all over the place- I’m not sure how she survived. The Title The only part that I was unsure about was how to handle the title.  Luckily my model had already figured that one out.  We changed “Miserables” to “Adorables” – which worked perfectly.  If you’ve ever been in front of my camera, you know I love to use that
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Time To Smile

It is that time of year! This year, our studio is once again participating in Celebration of Smiles- a promotion to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile.  The Professional Photographers of America have participated in this for the past several years and this will be our third Celebration. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.  $240 can help provide a cleft lip or cleft palate surgery. This surgery can change a child’s life forever and can take as few as 45 minutes. Contributions in excess of surgical costs are invested into our sustainability programs, which empower our partner countries to treat more children on their own. The surgeries cost $240 to perform, so I’m trying to raise enough money to pay for 30 of these surgeries this year. Its a lofty goal, but definitely a worthy cause. How YOU Can Help You can help out by passing this link along to as many of your friends as possible!  A few tweets or Facebook updates can make a huge difference. We’ve setup a site to collect the money and you can find it at: If you live in
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