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Meet The Beatles Fans

With The Beatles When I first started this Off The Record Project, I knew one of the albums I needed to include was the iconic cover of the Beatles first US album, “Meet The Beatles”.  It is a very distinctive look that most rock and roll fans recognize instantly.  I thought it would be fun to recreate the cover using photographer friends who were big Beatles fans. The Original Album The setup was pretty easy, just a simple split-light portrait in a very low-key setting. I didn’t even have to have them all here at once- which was nice, since these guys all have crazy schedules. From there it was just a matter of working out the layout and the album graphics.  I think the simplicity of the cover is what made it such a cool album to recreate. The Remake When I say these guys are big Beatles fans, I mean they are REALLY big Beatles fans.  In fact, one of them actually brought a copy of the original LP album with them as a reference.  I was shocked to see that the image had a slight blue tint to it.  From the many images I had seen online,
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Award Winning Monochrome Image

Back From The UK Well, I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging lately and realized that I never really mentioned something BIG that happened to me earlier this year! I had the opportunity to speak in London at the Societies’ 2014 convention- which was a blast.  The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers is the top photography organization in the UK – bringing together top-notch photographers from all over the world. It was truly an honor to be surrounded by such talented artists! I brought my wife and kids and we had an incredible time exploring this fascinating city. One of the highlights that I WASN’T expecting, was to be a winner in their photographic competition.  Over the past year, I had entered several images in their online photography competition and was thrilled to find that I was a finalist for the monochrome category.  At the Awards Banquet, I practically fell out of my chair when they called my name for Monochrome Photographer of the Year.  I even got a kick-butt trophy! The Image The image that won for me was a self portrait from my 40@Forty Project.  It was created in the parking garage of a museum in
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