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Weekend in Virginia

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Virginia.  I spent all day Saturday judging their print competition, then put on a 3 hour program for the members that night.  It was a very long day.  Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming.  I’m trying desperately to find some pics from Saturday to post – but nothing so far.   I was hoping to update my blog while I was there, but free time and internet access kept eluding me.  Even worse, I was stuck inside all day and when I did have a few minutes of free time, it was raining outside.  After a four hour layover in Philly, thanks to mechanical issues – I reached the hotel at 11:30 Friday night.  Since it was so dark out and I was exhausted from travelling all day – I didn’t notice any of my surroundings.  When I got up the next morning and looked out my window, this is what I saw: All I had with me was Heather’s point-and-shoot… and photographing through a hotel window is tough – however, I did manage to take this one image, which was fun: Luckily, the travel home when MUCH more smoothly .
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Grand Opening

Last night was the opening reception for my exhibit at the Courtyard Theater in Plano.  It is such a spectacular venue!It was quite a thrill to see so much of my work on the walls in one place.  They layout also allowed us to group the work into similar pieces – giving it a nice flow.  For me, the highlight of the night was unveiling everyone’s new portraits and getting to see their expressions.  If you missed the reception, I hope you will find the time to swing by the exhibit over the next few months.  The work will hang through April at the Courtyard Theater in historic downtown Plano.    
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The Boys

Its been a while since I’ve done portraits of the boys, so I managed to drag them into the studio for a few shots this weekend.  Gotta get em when you can! Thought I better get one last shot of the winter outfit before the spring gets here. This was my favorite shot of Deano.  I loved the light on his face- plus he had a very “Dean” expression.  Oh well, that’s gonna have to hold me until I can bribe them into the studio again at some point. 
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