Monthly Archives September 2008


I had a great session with Caitlin last week.  She came in for a headshot and we came up with a nice, simple image. After that, we decided to try and create something with a little more personality.  I started with a stark, infrared portrait.   The cool skin tones, combined with the close cropping, really made this image an eye-catcher. From there, we took it an entirely different direction – from a hi-tech, modern look to a simple black and white glamour look, reminiscent of the old 30s hollywood portraits.  The image we came up with was absolutely beautiful.
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Picture Perfect

It is always a lot of fun when we can incorporate hobbies or interests into a portrait session.   I photographed Bri last week and she just happened to be into photography!  At the end of the session, we decided to try something different.   We put her camera on a tripod next to her and I set up my camera with a cable release- allowing Bri to actually trigger the camera.   She took a series of self-portraits, which I incorporated into this series. It made for some fun images that really help to show her personality and go beyond just a recording of what she looks like.
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Little Sports

We had a couple of brothers in for sports collages this week.  We always end up taking more shots than we will actually use in the final piece.   I’m not sure if these two images will be used or not, but thought you might enjoy seeing them anyways. I loved the intensity on the older brother’s face in this shot.   He is a pitcher on his little league team and I wanted to capture what the batter sees right before the pitch. His younger brother was photographed in his soccer uniform.   Although we ended up with a lot of smiling shots, I loved the mood of this image. To me, it is a classic portrait of a little boy.  He isn’t trying to pose for the camera.  It is just a simple, honest image that really has a sense of drama.   His casual glance is what makes it work.
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